My Top 7 Songs of 2014

Only 7 songs achieved the coveted 5 star rating from me. And here they are:

7: Silversun Pickups – Cannibal

6: Delta Theory – Finally Free

5: Royal Blood – Figure it Out

4: Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

3: Air Traffic Controller – The House

2: Joywave feat. Kopps – Tounges

1: Royksopp, Robyn – Sayit

(One of the coolest videos of all time, in my not so humble opinion)

My Secret Project

I’ve decided that it’s time that I let you in on a little secret. As you know, I am a lover of music. (That’s not the secret.) Over the past 2 years or so, I’ve been attempting to write music of my own. I’ve been hesitant to share this with anyone, because I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. My songs are like little pieces of my soul, and putting them out there for everyone to see and judge, well it’s a rather daunting prospect. But, I’ve got a few songs in the can, and I am rather proud of what I’ve come up with. I think it’s time to share it with the world.

The name of my ‘band’ is Delta Theory. If you’d like to hear what I have so far, I’ve been posting them over at SoundCloud. I also urge you to visit the official website and sign up for updates. I’ve also got a Facebook page for you to like, and if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me there as well. I also have an Instagram account set up. Follow me everywhere!

The album “Multidirectional” will be released on June 17. 2014.


The Best Drummers Ever

There are already hundreds of lists of the greatest drummers ever, and my list isn’t really that different. I myself am a drummer, and I am completely in awe of some of the great ones out there. So, I present to you, in no particular order, my favorite drummers of all time.


Danny Carey / Tool

Tool is known for it’s irregular time signatures and Danny Carey plays along with ease. He is actually a very restrained drummer, but is certainly loud when he needs to be.  He tunes his toms to the key of whatever song he is playing; something most drummers don’t do. This man is my idol.

Watch: Schism

Neil Peart / Rush

A veritable drumming god. He has a 360 degree drum kit, and likely hits them all during each song. His drumming is pure magic. Rush is also known for odd time signatures and changes, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Neil invented the concept.

Watch: Limelight

Alex Van Halen / Van Halen

Before the mid-80s, Van Halen was the king of all rock bands. David Lee Roth is the ultimate frontman, Eddie Van Halen tears his guitar to shreds, and his brother Alex bangs on the drums hard and fast. I’ve tried to play along to Van Halen songs, but it just doesn’t work out for me.

Watch: Hot for Teacher

Dave Grohl / Nirvana, Foo Fighters

I don’t include Dave Grohl for his proficiency, though he is very proficient. I include him based on raw talent and musicianship. He was by far the most talented member of Nirvana, and he basically IS the Foo Fighters. He hit the drums hard in Nirvana, and you can just feel his energy and emotion as you listen to him.

Watch: Smells Like Teen Spirit

John Bonham / Led Zeppelin

People always talk about how great Keith Moon of The Who, and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones are, but they both pale in comparison to the great Jon Bonham. Led Zeppelin is the quintessential rock band with outstanding musicians playing all four parts. I don’t care about The Rolling Stones, and to me, The Who is just another classic rock band. But when I listen to Led Zeppelin, I can feel the music penetrate my soul? Does that sound cheesy? I don’t care because it’s true. John Bonham is the source behind the power of Led Zeppelin. Mr Bonham and his amazing talent left this world far too soon.

Watch: MobyDick (Please, oh please at least watch this one)

Stewart Copeland / The Police

A lot of drummers just bang on their drums as hard as they can. I’m sure that works for most people, but Stewart Copeland is a far more nuanced drummer. He is probably one of the most technically proficient drummers I’ve seen. He has a large kit and always gets the perfect sound for each percussive moment.

Watch: Wrapped Around Your Finger

Rick Allen / Def Leppard

On New Year’s Eve in 1984, Rick Allen lost his left arm in a really stupid accident. When you’re the drummer of a then extremely popular rock band, losing an entire arm seems like a crushing career ender. How does a drummer drum without an arm? Rick Allen, though devastated, chose not to give up, and created a drum kit that he could utilize with his remaining arm and two legs. The impressive results are forever immortalized on the multi-platinum Hysteria and subsequent records.

Watch: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Honorable Mentions:

Clyde Stubblefield (Drummer for James Brown): The original “Funky Drummer”. His sounds have been sampled thousands of times by many-a Hip Hop artist.

Max Weinberg (Drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Former Drummer/Band Leader for Late Night with Conan O’Brien): Just the standard of professionalism, and obviously rocks when sitting behind Bruce Springsteen.

Sheila E.: I consider Sheila E. more of a percussionist, but her single “Glamorous Life” is percussive genius.


Bonus- Overrated Drummers:

Proving that you can still have an amazing band with an average drummer.

Ringo Starr / Beatles


Meg White / The White Stripes



15 Rejected Harry Potter Titles

My originally planned post just didn’t pan out for me, so I decided to go in a different direction.

The Harry Potter books have become literary classics and are beloved by children and adults alike. I think a lot of that success comes from the excellent titles given to the books by J.K. Rowling. They say you can’t judge a book by the cover, but you be the judge. Here is a list of 15 rejected Harry Potter book titles.


  1. Harry Potter and the Muffler of Secrets
  2. Harry Potter Eats his Greens for Once
  3. Harry Potter and the Bus Stop of Enchantment
  4. Harry Potter and the Stadium of Fire featuring the Osmonds
  5. Harry Potter and the Cleanup on Aisle 3
  6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Expired Coupons
  7. Harry Potter Takes a Walk Around the Block to Blow Off Some Steam
  8. Harry Potter Goes on a Field Trip to the Fire Station and Gets Locked in the Bathroom for Three Days
  9. Harry Potter Amuses His Friends with a Fake Mustache
  10. Harry Potter and the Live Studio Audience
  11. Harry Potter and the Popsicle Stick of Destiny
  12. Harry Potter Can’t Even Make a Rabbit Disappear
  13. Harry Potter Complains to the Better Business Bureau
  14. Harry Potter Extinguishes a Candle Using Only His Fingers
  15. Harry Potter Plays Call of Duty until 3:00 in the Morning

Can you think of any more? Please let me know in the comments!

Why I’m Disappointed in “Supermodel”

Today, the band Foster the People releases their new album ‘Supermodel’. I’ve been looking forward to it for months now. But sadly, the record is a huge disappointment. I got to listen to the album last week, and while there are a handful of really good songs, the rest of the tracks are slow and bland. Boring and forgettable. Certainly not what I was hoping for.


But that’s not the only reason I am disappointed.

Warning: this gets pretty personal.

2011 was a particularly difficult year. I was working as an ad layout artist for the Standard Examiner, and I was on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. I would experience severe anxiety attacks the entire time at work. I worked alone, and if I was lucky enough to finish my work, I would spend hours pacing between the cubicles until I got off work. Driving home, I would hear “Pumped Up Kicks” nearly every night. It was just starting to break. And I guess at the time, so was I. I strangely found solace in that song; not because of the lyrics, which I much later discovered the meaning of, but how the music made me feel. It had this groove that no other song on the radio at that time had, and because of that, it really caught my attention. When I listened to the song, I was able to focus on the music, and my anxieties would dissipate, albeit temporarily.

In April, I broke down completely. I quit my job over the phone and proceeded to spend 90% of my time in bed and never left the house. It was truly the darkest time in my life. My psychiatrist strongly recommended that I try Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), or as many like to call it, shock therapy. Basically, I would be put to sleep, the doctor would put a band on my head, and turn on the electricity in an effort to induce a seizure in my brain. It would last about 30 seconds. And when I woke up, the world was completely different. I had to go do this 12 times in total. Memory loss is a major side effect of this treatment, and I barely remember anything from that summer. But the one thing I do remember is listening to “Torches”, the first Foster the People album.


This album came at just the right time. The songs were fun, upbeat, melodic and layered. Listening to those songs gave me hope. It gave me a reason to fight. It gave me a reason to stay alive. Music has power, and Mark Foster knew just what I needed at that time. That album was the therapy I needed to make it through that crazy time. That album became extremely important to me.

The treatments ended, and I started remembering things. I don’t remember my birthday, I barely remember the 4th of July. I marvel at some if the things my family said I did, because those memories are long gone. But I will always remember listening to that record. So maybe this new one is a swing and a miss, but I will always be grateful for great music that helps me remember that there can always be hope, even during the darkest times.

Some may doubt the therapeutic effects of music, but I can assure you that it works. I have a friend who works at a nursing home, and her title is music therapist. She uses her musical talents to soothe the patients who live there. She reaches those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. She helps those who are lonely or suffer from depression. I hope that when I am old, there is someone who does the same thing for me. Who knows… maybe I can convince them to sing some old Foster the People songs for me!

This was a pretty long post. If you made it to the end, I thank you, and I love you!

Returning Again

It has been about 2 and a half years since I posted on my blog. I stopped because I was mired in depression, self-pity, and general anhedonia. I still deal with those things, but at this very moment in life, they’ve exited stage left for now. Hopefully for a long while.

So I think it’s time I give this a try. Who cares if no one reads it? I enjoy writing, and that’s all that matters. But, it’s here for you if you do care to read it.

An Experiment

Hi. Could you all do me a quick favor? If you read this blog, could you leave a quick comment on this post? I’m trying to decide if this blog is worth continuing. I know I haven’t updated it in a while. But if enough people actually read this, it might encourage me to post more often.

Thanks a million!

Live Concert Wish List, Part 1

The U2 360 Tour came to town this past week, and it was a pretty big deal. I, however, did not attend the concert. Yup, I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “What!? You?! The big lover of 80’s music didn’t go to the concert of the century?!” That’s right. I didn’t go. It’s not that I don’t like U2. They’re great. (Not my favorite, but still great.) The only reason I didn’t go was lack of funds. I love going to music concerts, and I would go to  many more if I could, but unfortunately my low financial status prohibits me. Most big shows are way too expensive anyway. I do consider myself lucky to have witnessed several of my favorite bands, some more than once(+), perform live on stage. Some of them are, in no particular order:

Depeche Mode+, Muse, Silversun Pickups, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, The B-52’s+, Weird Al Yankovic+, New Order, Public Image Ltd., The Sugarcubes, Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark, The Fixx, Erasure, They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes, Regina Spektor…

There are a few bands that I haven’t seen in concert that I would love to see perform.

Yes, I missed them this time around. And who knows if they’ll ever come back. I may have very well missed my chance to see them. I hear they put on one heck of a show. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Though I liked Underworld much more when Darren Emerson was part of the group, I would still love to go to a live Underworld concert. Until then, I can watch my copy of their “Everything, Everything” DVD.

I shouldn’t really like Tool, but I do. Their music is complex, enigmatic, and loud. What more could you want? I think watching these guys live might be a scary experience, but I would love to see them in concert anyway.

So, there you have it. My live concert wish list. I’m sure there are others, and when I think of them, I will cover them in future posts.

A Rude and Rumbly Awakening

Last night, like many other people around here, I was awakened by a monstrous thunderstorm. I have a love/hate relationship with thunderstorms. I think they’re an interesting phenomenon, and exciting to watch. I just don’t care for them much when they come close.

I’m not sure when it started, but thunderstorms would trigger extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I only felt safe in large buildings where I couldn’t hear or see what was going on outside. At the very least, I would try to get to a basement somewhere. But at the time this was going on, I lived in a small mobile home with very thin walls, and no basement to hide in. It was horrible.

Luckily, with the help of some anti-anxiety medication, I was able to face my fears head-on. I’m nowhere near as frightened of thunderstorms that I used to be. I can usually tolerate them now, but I still have a hard time when they come in the middle of the night. Also to my advantage, I now live in a house with a basement.

So there I was last night, wide awake and chillin’ in the basement bathroom while I waited for the storm to pass. No anxiety. No panic attack. As I sat there, I tracked the storm with the weather app on my iPad.

I didn’t even have to look outside.

Laying the Cards Out On the Table

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This is important to me because I have a mental illness. I’ve been diagnosed with major depression.

Thought I’ve been suffering from this illness for many many years, I am just now starting to talk about it. I’ve decided that hiding it away does no good. So I’m bringing it out into the open for all to see. I’m not ashamed of it. It’s part of who I am. A pretty big part, I’m afraid. Hopefully bringing it out into the open will help the healing process.

I’ve started a new blog where I tackle the subject of my depression. If you are interested, I invite you to read it. You can find it at

To learn more about depression, download this .pdf.

Tickle Me Uncle

I’m not sure if everybody has one of “those” kinds of uncles, but I did. When I was but a wee lad, it never failed. Every time my family went over to my Grandma’s house for a family function, this particular uncle would tickle the snot out of me. Sometimes literally. It was powerful. That guy really knew how to tickle a kid. This was my Uncle Jim. Whenever there was any type of get together where I knew he would be there, I knew there would be no avoiding the inevitable. So rather than run away or try to hide somewhere, I knew it was best to just go right in and get it over with. So I’d stiffen up my body and to my best to just try to stay alive. There were times where I didn’t think I was going to make it, but against all odds, I survived. And it wasn’t just me. It was all of the nieces and nephews. Sometimes we would just form a line just like lambs before the slaughter.

So these days I wonder who’s the tickler in my family. It’s not me. I don’t really see my brothers engage in heavy duty tickle fests. Looking on my wife’s side there is perhaps one candidate. Uncle Brian is probably “that” uncle. I guess that makes sense. The two guys are pretty similar. Minus the smoking and drinking of course.

Yes, the Tickling Uncle Jim. Whom I later renamed the Tickling Uncle Jim Who Wouldn’t Quit Smoking. I now refer to him as my Uncle Jim who passed away way too young from lung disease.

Did any of you have one of those kinds of uncles? Not the smoking kind, but the tickling kind. Anyone in your family that your kids somewhat fear, but not really because they secretly love getting tickled to death?

Yard Sales, Old Shoes, and Broken Bells


The family went driving around looking for yard sales this weekend. From what I could gather, here are some tips for having a yard sale according to the majority of the sellers we encountered.


You’re going to need people to find your house, so you’re going to need to put up signs around your neighborhood. Just grab a few scraps of paper you have lying around and write ‘yard sale’ on them. Don’t write it too big because you also need to write down your address, the time of your sale, what you are selling, etc. Since that is a lot to write, only use 2 or 3 sheets of paper. Don’t bother with arrows. Those are too confusing. Grab some scotch tape and stick your signs on a couple of telephone poles.


Sorting and pricing your items just isn’t worth the effort. As long as give got some boxes on hand, the best thing to do is throw your stuff right in them. It’s better for the customer this way because it’s more like a treasure hunt.


If you are selling nice stuff like furniture, keep it in your house. Just stick a price list on your garage door. This will ensure that your good stuff will go to those who are really serious, not those people who just bounce around yard sales looking for used shoes and coasters.


These are very high demand items. Those, and balled up strings of Christmas lights.

There you go! Remember to have fun! Don’t smile though. Smiling makes you customers feel more comfortable. Never do that.

Today’s Link:

How to REALLY have a yard sale


Revolutionary Refrigerators and Such


The iPad is being marketed as magical and revolutionary. Well, I’ve had my grubby little hands on one for a few days now, and here are my thoughts.

A. It was kind of expensive. I do not point this out to boast or brag that I have lots of money. I don’t. I saved up some money and sold some stuff to be able to afford it. And that’s the part that’s important. How much money you’re willing to part with for an item may determine how you feel about, perceive, and interact with the item. What it is about the item that makes it worth so much? What contributes to your perceived value of an item. A possession. A thing. Will it be worth it if I only use this thing to read books on; something I could easily do for a lot cheaper. How many books will I need to read to make it worth the money? How much time must I spend each day using this item? What if I put it away for several months at a time and only use it sporadically for typing up to-do lists; something else that can be done very very inexpensively? What if it’s just a toy? There are so many psychological ramifications to consider. But in the end it’s just a thing, and if I can use it without the worry of needing to justify having it, then that’s all the better. You know, come to think of it, a lot of people spend a lot of money on fancy refrigerators. Don’t they keep your food just as cold as cheaper fridges? Hmmm. Priorities, I guess. But I digress.

B. It is a really cool gadget. I don’t know about magical. I’m sure that if I took this back to 1985 Bryce, he might use the term “magical.” Even 2000 Bryce might find the thing somewhat mystical.

C. It is in fact revolutionary. It’s not revolutionary because it’s from Apple. It’s not revolutionary because it’s shiny or pretty or even because it’s extraordinarily functional. It’s revolutionary because it’s the future. It’s Star Trek. It’s sci-fi. As I write this, the iPad has been out for only 4 months. It’s selling millions and millions of units. Many people, myself included, aren’t really sure what role it will play in their lives. It’s not really a computer, it’s not really a phone, but it’s definitely something.  People see the future with it. People want to make it revolutionary. It’s not the device itself, it’s the attitude of iPad owners that spark the revolution. And this is just the beginning.

Today’s Link:

Something else I need to save up for.

Black Phones and Black Keys


Bryce: “Yes, I’d like one of the new iPhone 4’s please.”
Walmart: “We don’t have any iPhone 4’s in stock.”
Bryce: “OK, thanks.”

Bryce: “Do you have any iPhone 4’s?”
Spring: “No, but we have this Android. Won’t you please try this Android?”
Bryce: “Um, is there a waiting list for the iPhone 4?”
Spring: “Yes, but it’s like 4 weeks long. Look at this shiny Android!”
Bryce: “Sigh. Thanks anyway.”

Bryce: “Yes, do you have any of the new iPhones in stock?”
Simply Mac: “Oh, we carry everything that Mac makes except for the iPhone.”
Bryce: “Right.”

Bryce: “Do you happen to have any iPhone 4’s in stock?”
Best Buy: “I’m sorry, we don’t.”
Bryce: “K, thanks.”

Universe: “You thought you were going to get a new iPhone? Psshh! You must be crazy!”
Bryce: “Well, it was worth a try.”
Universe: “Not really. Run along now.”

Today’s Link:

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Lightbulbs & Everlasting Gobstoppers

Here’s an Idea

“Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of deliberately planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete or nonfunctional after a certain period.”

Light bulbs burning out has got to be one of the more annoying annoyances of life. Especially when it’s one of your car headlights. Especially when you are just getting off of work at midnight and have to drive all the way home just knowing there’s going to be a cop or two just waiting to pull you over to inform you that you are driving a cyclops car which is some sort of criminal offense.

Aside from being pulled over, this happened to me the other night. It got me to thinking how great it would be if they invented a light bulb that never burned out. Of course, they never will. It is not in the best interest of the light bulb companies to do this. Just like it is really not in the best interest of Willy Wonka to invent an Everlasting Gobstopper. And if they did, they would have to charge hundreds of dollars for it. (Just like light bulbs, the longer they last, the more expensive they are.) So this contradicts what Mr. Wonka says in the movie about creating the Gobstopper for poor kids. In a real economy, that logic just won’t fly.

The exception to this rule is Apple. They are charging hundreds for iPhones, iPods, iwhatevers that will just be replaced in a year or so.

By the way, this post was typed on my disposable iPhone which I’m considering replacing soon. What a world.

Today’s Link:

Presidential Approval Tracker

The Re-return… Again

Why Blog?

I’ve been blogging on and off (mostly off) for at least 8 years now. I’ve often thought to myself, “Why do I do it?” I’m not exactly sure what the reason is. I think part of it is my love for technology and the Internet and being able to easily post stuff to the web for others to see just seems really cool to me. It gives me a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. Part of it is leaving some sort of legacy of myself. Maybe my descendants in the future will find what I’ve written interesting. But that leads to thinking of reasons not to do it. For example, why spend so much time on something that nobody ever reads or notices or cares about. So I blog. On and off. Mostly off.

Well, I’m back on. For now.

Today’s Links:

Start your own blog for FREE at WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, Penzu, and LiveJournal to name just a few.

New Years Resolutions

Everybody makes them. Very few keep them. In the last couple of years or so, I’ve been pretty good at keeping my resolutions. Those resolutions included Getting Organized, and Getting My S#@* together. OK, so maybe I’ve fallen behind on those things as of late.

This year, I’ve decided to make several resolutions in the hopes that a few of them will stick. Here they are in no particular order.

Update Facebook Status At Least Once a Day

I admit that this one is a little silly. But I do enjoy the Facebook and I would like to be consistently involved. Only because I have more friends than I ever did growing up. I know this. Facebook tells me so.

Exercise Every Other Day (or so)

In years past, I’ve been able to keep my weight under control because of my job as a night time custodian. However, I stopped working there last April, and my weight has ballooned since then. (Both in number and is size.) Now, I must make a conscious effort to make sure I get my weight back under control. I’m hoping to lose at least 50lbs. by years end. I also plan on learning how to spell exercise correctly.

Eat an Orange Every Day (or so)

Just is just a small attempt at trying to eat healthier snacks. I’m pretty sure oranges are much more healthy than candy bars, Pop-Tarts, and so on. Why have I chosen the orange? Just ‘cuz.  Included in this resolution is an increased effort to eat more vegetables when given the chance.

Post on This Blog At Least Once a Week

I don’t really keep a journal, so this blog is my way of keeping track of important events in my life and sharing them with those that care to read about them. I think I posted 4 times last year. That is a pathetically low number. I will try to do better… at least 5 or more this year!

Keep a Budget

This was my resolution last year. I didn’t make it. Let’s try it again!

Be Less Cynical

This one is going to be the most challenging, and therefore the one I will work the hardest on. If cynicism were a college degree, I’d have two doctorates by now. Cynicism never leads to happiness.

Fix Our Bikes This Spring.

My poor kids. They each have bikes, but haven’t ridden them in years. My youngest hasn’t even been fully trained. All of their bikes are broken in one way or another. Mostly with flat tires and such. I know I’m not much of a mechanically inclined person, but I’m sure that I can at least get those bikes fixed!

So there you have it. I will track my progress and post it on this blog. If you care to keep up to date with my ventures, you are certainly more than welcome to! Have a great 2010!

Bryce’s Top 36 Songs of 2009

1. Royksopp – Happy Up Here

This song is short but sweet. It also has the best video I’ve seen in a long time.

2. Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent

I found this song on a music blog one day. Not only does it make me move, it makes me groove as well!

3. Morningwood – Best of Me

Coming in at #3 is one of the most underrated bands as of late. I’ve loved every song I’ve heard from them, and I think more people would like them too, if they every were played on the radio. One of their songs was featured in a prominent car commercial a while back. I wonder if perhaps it is their name that is holding them back?

4. Owl City – Fireflies

I was surprised to see this song get as popular as it did. But I am excited that it did. It’s a great song! I hope that this signals a new direction in popular music.

5. Little Boots – New In Town

I’ve never heard this song played on the radio. I first heard it while watching Subterranean on MTV2. The show is shown way late at night, and you either have to stay up all night to watch it, or record it. Thank goodness for DVR! I instantly fell in love with this song, so here it is at number 5!

6. Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Whenever this song comes on the radio, my wife tells me how it makes her happy. I’m happy that they made it available to download for Rock Band.

7. Regina Spektor – Dance Anthem Of The 80’s
8. Passion Pit – The Reeling
9. Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch
10. Paramore – Ignorance
11. Peter Bjorn and John – Nothing to Worry About
12. Phoenix – 1901
13. Friendly Fires – Kiss Of Life
14. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age
15. The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother
16. Pacific! – Number One
17. Felix Da Housecat – We All Wanna Be Prince
18. St. Vincent – Marrow
19. Wolfmother – New Moon Rising
20. Deadmau5 – Moar Ghosts N Whatever
21. LMFAO – I’m In Miami Trick
22. Major Lazer – Hold the Line
23. Jet – She’s A Genius
24. Metric – Help I’m Alive
25. The Big Pink – Dominos
26. Kings of Leon – Notion
27. Depeche Mode – Wrong
28. Muse – Uprising
29. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
30. Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
31. AFI – Medicate
32. Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up
33. Mew – Repeater Beater
34. The Gossip – Heavy Cross
35. Kaiser Chiefs – Good Days Bad Days
36. Loney, Dear – Airport Surroundings

A Gleeful Fall TV Schedule

The sun is noticeably lower in the sky these days. It’s a sure sign that Fall is on it’s way. It’s also a sign that Fall television premiers are just around the corner! Here’s a list of the shows I will (try to) watch this season.

Looking forward to Glee!
Looking forward to Glee!


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Accidentally on Purpose
  • Two and a Half Men
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • House
  • Lie to Me
  • Heroes
  • Trauma


  • The Forgotten (maybe)


  • Glee (!!!)
  • Modern Family
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine


  • Flash Forward
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Mentalist (One of my newest favorites)
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Office


  • The Simpsons

Show’s that I’ll definitely catch when (if?) they return are Chuck, Better Off Ted, and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Show’s that I won’t be watching anymore, and that I am also very upset about, are Trust Me, The Unusuals, My Name is Earl, and Scrubs. Concerning the first two, I’m really sick of TV networks not giving great shows with a slow start more of a chance.

So, there ya go! Our little DVR is going to be busy!